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The Executive


Voluxus luxury concierge services Executive Membership is a full attendant service that provides personalized services as needed. Here, our promise to do the impossible finds its practical expression. The service is available to you every day, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm. Under this membership, you are offered assistant on private and public activities as follow:

  • Luxury travelling handling
  • Exquisite gastronomy handling
  • Exotic nightlife arrangement
  • Guaranteed reservation to high-class events even when the ticket is sold out

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The Eccentric


You have worked hard to attain your current position; you deserve all the pleasure of preferential treatments to enjoy life on your terms. Imagine you want something out of the ordinary, how would you feel if the time can stop just for you? That is what the eccentric membership offers. With the Eccentric club, you are a superhuman who gets things done with absolute ease. This service gives you access to elite Platinum privileges. You will have access to high-end services and the most recent settings and occasions. You are entirely unstoppable by time and formalities as you are granted a 24/7, all year round access to our bespoke luxury services, whenever you need it! The membership gives you an exclusive connection to the network of breathtaking pleasure everywhere you go!

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+44 20 37693480